Josh Payne

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Josh is an advisor to Xfund. He grew up around the United States before landing at Stanford for undergrad, where he discovered a zeal for ideating and problem-solving that matched his passion for music. At Stanford, Josh started or co-founded a few projects: Apfyt (smart receipts, backed by the Praxis Labs S17 incubator), Marlin Protocol (decentralized content delivery network, stepped away to honor a commitment to join IBM Research, later backed by Binance, Arrington XRP, and others), Ciphense AI (edge AI for personnel security in factories in India, angel-backed), and he is currently a co-founder of AccessBell (workflow-integrated video conferencing for telemedicine and sales, backed by Pear VC, Contour Ventures, Decent Capital, UChicago Booth, and others).


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Josh started the Stanford Response Innovation Lab, an incubator for ventures responding to COVID-19 in various ways comprised of over 450+ members from 40+ countries. Josh also founded GSB Business & Ethics, Stanford's first student-led organization centered around ethics and business. Josh holds a BSh '20 in Mathematical and Computational Science (minor in Music) and is currently an MS '22 in Computer Science and MBA '22 student at Stanford. He's experienced in research, having filed 10+ patents and published several peer-reviewed papers in AI, quantum computing, blockchain, and computer security as part of IBM Research, the SNAP group, the Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab, or independently.


Josh loves discussing technical and strategic challenges and helping ideate solutions for them, as well as just talking about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. He's also an avid drummer/music producer and is always down for a jam session.