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Daniel Salinas

Babson College

Daniel Salinas is an entrepreneur and investor with a robust passion for cutting-edge technology and business innovation. At Babson College, Daniel exemplified academic brilliance. He is an active leader at MIT's tech ecosystem. Engaging in impactful projects at the MIT Media Lab, Daniel participated in the "AI and Web3 for Impact" venture studio course, underlining his commitment to harnessing technology for societal benefit.

Building on his entrepreneurial drive, Daniel unveiled Clia at Stanford GSB's Ignite program, garnering significant investment interest. His venture capital acumen shines through his influential role at Latitud, a latAm based VC backed by A16z where he pioneered climate-tech reports and mentored startups. Investing in trailblazing platforms, he backs both Latitud and Mercury Bank. With distinctions such as the MITU35 Award by MIT Technology Review and presentations on renowned stages like TedXBoston, Daniel's work seamlessly integrates technology, investment, and transformative climate-tech impact.

Daniel Salinas
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