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Noah Savolainen

Yale University

Noah is a fellow at Xfund and a sophomore at Yale University. He is studying cognitive science, with a focus on neuroeconomics and choice theory.

On campus, he is a senior member of the Community Investment group at Yale’s Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment fund, which supports local non-profits with returns from a student-managed portfolio of $200k.

Noah is also co-creating an app for collectible enthusiasts – for which he was selected to be a part of Yale’s “Launchpad” venture development program – and is working at Whatnot as a growth strategy consultant.

In his free time, he runs a business buying and selling rare coins and jewelry, visits the special collections at Yale’s museums and libraries, makes more vases than he knows what to do with at the pottery studios on campus, serves as president of the Yale Numismatics Association, and boulders with the Yale Climbing Team.

Noah Savolainen
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