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Harvard Undergraduate Capital Partners, Harvard Student Agencies, Harvard Venture Capital Group, Harvard Women in Computer Science, HBS Tech Club, Harvard Ventures, Harvard Computer Society, MIT Entrepreneurship Club, and Xfund present 

Xperiment Stake

The Xperiment is an opportunity to receive a minimum $100k investment in your startup. We're looking for a team committed to building its company full-time after graduation, whenever that may be.

Xfund is the early-stage venture firm designed to support in founders from the world’s best universities. Together with all of Harvard’s premier entrepreneurial organizations, we've designed the Xperiment Stake for students who are serious about starting their companies full-time after graduation. Students will have the unique opportunity to lock in institutional funding before graduation, so that becoming an entrepreneur can be a reality.


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apply today

Questions? Email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to reviewing your application! 

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