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​Xfund is the early-stage venture capital firm built to back entrepreneurs who think laterally and experiment across disciplines. We are a pioneering partnership between some of the country’s most successful venture capital firms and some of the world’s best research universities in the United States and abroad. Whether you’re a student, faculty member, staff, alum — or perhaps you’re entirely self-taught — so long as you have a curious mind and an ability to execute, we’re interested.

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Xfund believes that technical talent is necessary — but not sufficient — to build the world’s most durable companies. We seek out entrepreneurs with multidisciplinary abilities whom we know will make more insightful innovators and entrepreneurs. We don’t limit ourselves to traditional sector or industry lines: we’ve invested in a musical headset that primes your neurons; data analytics firms that put massive informational power into the hands of ordinary people; a company that’s making TV social; and the world’s leading personal genomics company, among many others.

Once we find entrepreneurs who share our commitment to a growth mindset, we welcome them to our family of leading venture capital investors, university faculty, and industry advisors. This can mean helping to place a Nobel laureate on your board, brokering a key strategic partnership, or just sharing a beer and tackling your problems as a team. Our unique structure and unparalleled network enable us to deliver value that few other firms can. Come partner with us.